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The Minister's Speech

The Minister's Speech

- Mustafa Kamal Madbouli/ prime minister/minister of the ministry of housing, utilities and urban communities speech.

Since 2014, the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and urban communities has launched one of the largest low-income housing projects in the world, "The Social Housing Program ", as an implementation to the guidance of President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, to achieve social justice and provide appropriate housing units for the low-income groups and youth, where the Egyptian Constitution declared that "the government shall guarantee for all citizens the right to acquire safe and secure housing units in a manner that preserves human dignity and social justice.

Since the beginning of this large national project, the president's guidance have been clear,  "We want integrated urban residential communities", despite challenges we have faced, whether in providing land for construction, required finance, adequate interest rate  , as well as increase in prices of building materials, Consequently, cost of building units which increased, great achievement were fulfilled  in doubling the number of units produced compared to what was previously implemented, also quality of units implemented, services availability for all units were submitted by the new program, perhaps that is what stimulated the World Bank to praise the social housing project more than once, and invite the world countries to follow Egypt`s steps, which has provided hundred thousands housing units for low-income  group and youth, in addition to  creating thousands of job opportunities.

I need to emphasize that we will not stop building housing units which addresses low-income group and youth, to fulfill their aspirations for appropriate housing units, and will always work to develop units provided, and facilitate procedures for obtaining them.


Mustafa Kamal Madbouli

Prime minister/

Minister of ministry of housing utilities and urban communities





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