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Fund Vision And Message

Fund Vision And Message


Establishing, developing integrated housing communities for low-income & middle income citizens, to subsidies mortgage finance activities, thus achieving social justice, improving performance, and developing working mechanisms to ensure program sustainability, thus rendering the Fund a pioneering entity on the Arab and regional levels.  


Finance, manage, and establish residential units for the Social Housing Program, in addition to providing commercial and professional services as required for all units, through subsidizing the low-income citizens using the mortgage finance system.

-Scope of Competence:

The Fund has the competence to:

  1. Outline general strategies as required for the Social Housing Program with its different modules thereof, in accordance with the provisions of the said Law.
  2. Outline general strategies as required to subsidies and guarantee, mortgage finance activities in the fields of units’ sales, usufruct, Rent or Rent that might end up with ownership, for the low-income citizens, in accordance with the said Law and the Mortgage Finance Law.
  3. Specify the amount and percentage of subsidy, whether subsidy applies to unit price thus ensuring reduction of unit price, or to the mortgage finance installments thus ensuring reducing the mortgage finance burdens, or to the rent thus reducing monthly rent to convenient limits to low-income citizens and in accordance with and not exceeding the Fund’s board of directors set limits.
  4. Specify the cases, standards and conditions, by which the Fund provides subsidy for the mortgage finance activity and, accordingly, to the low-income citizens.
  5. Perform activities, undertake procedures and needed decisions required to ensure fulfillment of the Fund’s objectives. In this respect, the Fund may guarantee the risks of non-settlements of any obligations arising out of the mortgage finance activities and undertake all procedures required for such a guarantee. These procedures may include, inter alia, setting rules and undertaking procedures to prove and document the reasons for the insolvency of investors, including low-income citizens. Such guarantee may be provided directly by the Fund or through other specialized companies or funds, through insurance policies, through the incorporation or participating in the incorporation of companies for Mortgage Finance investment, maintenance, guarantee, insurance, management, mortgage finance, financial Rent, mortgage refinance, securitization, or any other specialized companies or funds. The Fund may further provide guarantees facilitating the mortgage finance to Financiers or investors or apply any other means of guarantee approved by the Fund’s board of directors.
  6. Set general policies and executive policies for the Fund and control their implementation to ensure fulfillment of its objectives, and may allocate part of its resources to contribute to Slum development projects.
  7. Accept donations, gifts, contributions and grants, issue bonds of all types, and loan contracting with local and foreign entities.  For the purpose of obtaining loans or issuing bonds, it is conditional to gain approvals from the Ministries of Finance and Planning or from the Ministries of International Cooperation and Foreign Affairs with respect to foreign loans and bonds, and with respect to domestic loans the fund should acts within the set limits of the budget.
  8. Approve the organizational structure of the Fund.
  9. Issue internal regulations and organizational decrees related to financial, administrative and technical affairs of the Fund and the employees, without the need to abide by Government rules and regulations.
  10. Approve cooperation agreements and exchange of expertise with similar authorities and organization on the local, regional and international levels in order to coordinate and enhance social housing and mortgage finance. Set the rules for Egyptian and foreign experts and consultants usage.
  11. Approve the Fund’s annual plan, annual budget and conclusive account, and review the periodic reports on the work process of the Fund and the financial status thereof.     
  12. Set general policies on investing the Fund’s property.
  13. Determine a consideration for the Fund’s works and services provided to third parties.
  14. Review all matters that the Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities believe to be falling within the scope of competence of the Fund.

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